Deadly Edge – A Parker Novel Book 13

Deadly Edge is the 13th mystery and horror book in the Parker series by author Richard Stark. The content of this book is about the brutal advertising in the 1960s when Parker robbed a rock concert, the theft went South. Parker discovers that he and his woman, Claire – have been raped by a pair of sadistic, drug-crazed hippos. Claire is armed with her first rifle, both of which are poised to usher in the end of the Age of Aquarius.

Here are some comments from readers to better understand this good audiobooks:

01- The Rock Concert seems to be an original Parker soundtrack. Parker and his crew get the job done, members of the heist crew are caught, and it’s where Deadly Edge takes a turn for the worse. There seems to be no law, the authorities never get involved in the crime for the sake of the victim even with the perpetrator. Kill the wrong person and you find yourself in Parker’s dark world of revenge. Parker – he will need to take his time to save the life of Miss Claire, his woman.

“Deadly Edge” is quite suspenseful and two killers are chasing Parker’s bandits, Jessup and Manny.

02- Parker and his team cut across the roof of a soon-to-be abandoned concert arena. This job went smoothly, but then two murderers appeared out of nowhere and began to hunt down the thief gang. Parker made the silly mistake of not shooting one of them when given the chance. At this point, not for money, the killers murdered and tortured three members of the gang. Claire stubbornly refuses to leave her home after Parker’s repeated warnings to get out before the killers show up.

03- The story begins with Parker, Riley, Keegan, and Morris cutting a hole through the roof of the Strand Theater Auditorium. After that, Parker went to the safe house, where they would stay for a few days. Riley went to change while Parker opened the purse. Riley turned for Parker to follow him into the bathroom. The fifth man Barage to be saved was dead on the floor. They search the house, it’s empty, the killer is gone. They ended their breakup and didn’t think about Barage anymore. Parker returned to Claire. She chose an older home in Coliver’s Pond and opened a checking account at a small New York bank. Parker’s men, Handy, are looking for him. It is believed that the two men carrying out murderous rings Parker knew were looking for something. Claire will not leave her home, although Parker asks her to temporarily go to New York for a few days, to avoid danger.

04- Deadly Edge is one of the best Parker novels. This book is more about a burglary than Parker’s efforts to protect Claire. Stark up to this point has emphasized Parker’s ruthlessness and it seems he’s breaking personality a bit to make Claire feel smitten as she tries her best to put herself in jeopardy. The content of this book is interesting, the characters are great, and a lot of insight into people.

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