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Demon Divine is the 14th literary fiction book in The Demon Accords series by author John Conroe.
Something evil is hunting the streets of Burlington, Vermont, stalking the local college campus. Chris Gordon and his team of demon hunters are drawn to the northern city of Vermont by a murder as brutal as hell, ready to banish it from Earth.

But this Hellion is directly from the Abyss, embodying and fully possessing all the powers of the High Hell royalty. It is said that the females of this species are more deadly than the males, and this species may be the deadliest of all.

How can you kill such dangerous prey without recreating the chaos that befell Washington a short time ago? Declan O’Carroll, the witch prodigy with powers sweet enough to resemble devil’s candy. Can Chris and company catch this monster before any harm comes to their friends and colleagues? Can they see all angles or is this Abyss bitch angled?

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