Doctored Evidence – Commissario Brunetti Mysteries Book 13

Doctored Evidence is the 13th novel in the Commissario Brunetti Mysteries series by author Donna Leon. This story is about a wealthy Venetian woman brutally murdered and her Romanian maid’s main suspect, who has fled the city. When leaving this country, carrying a considerable amount of money and forged documents ran on an oncoming train and was killed.

Because this maid is not a murderer. Commissario Brunetti decided to find the culprit and solve everything. When Brunetti investigates, it becomes clear that the motive for the murder is unlikely to be greed, from what cause?

Here are some typical comments for readers to understand this good story:

01- This is a good story about Inspector Brunetti by Donna Leon. The stories are interesting and on the whole mostly believable. Colacci was an excellent reader, he spoke in a multitude of different voices, with soft Italian accents. He reads at a moderate pace.

02- This is the second Donna Leon/Brunetti book that I have read and enjoyed both. Depictions of Venice and its people are always interesting and well-liked. There are no superheroes or supergirls, only well-rounded characters and interesting plots are involved.

03-This is one of Leon’s better books, usually the conclusion/solution is announced before it’s revealed. In this case, there’s an element of surprise, partly due to the causal factor. The villain is introduced as a character at the end of the story. The protagonist Guido is both well-developed and a likable person. The interactions between HIs and their wives are often a bit strange and stressful, and their marriages are interesting.

04-“Doctored Evidence” is well written, purposeful and meaningful. The first policeman was on holiday in Ireland when he was arrested. A Romanian cleaning woman is said to have murdered her employer and made a large sum of money. Before the police arrested Romania, she was caught and killed by an oncoming train. When he returned, he got rid of the cupboard he had read about in the newspaper.

Of course, the death of the cleaning lady had suspicious and unusual circumstances. After Brunetti returned to work, a neighbor of the dead woman informed police that she had evidence that the woman was showing up. Of course, before the case closed, we witnessed the drama between Brunetti and his associates, and his beloved Venice. Leon takes literary photographs of a number of socially significant issues facing not only Venetians, Italians but the whole world. Leon brings us to the conclusion, where, of course, Brunetti’s intellect, talent and good will triumph once again. “Doctored proof” continued fame for Leon.

05-The current novel is set in Venice. Brunetti’s investigation of the murder of an elderly woman and people’s conflicts with other policemen, his family life. Address reminds of Venice and hot climate, problems with reference, taxes, problems with prosecution work.
The story revolves around the murder of a stingy old woman, everyone is called a demon. Brunetti is willing to bypass the surveillance, taxes, poisoning, people with fake papers, … if he can solve the murder.

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