Dragon Keeper – The Rain Wild Chronicles Book 1

Dragon Keeper is the first book in The Rain Wild Chronicles series by author Robin Hobb. The Trader’s Cities bravely fought their enemies, the Chalcedeans.

Traders could not stop the invasion without the powerful dragon, Tintaglia. The Traders promised to help her snakes migrate to the Rain Wild River after a long exile at sea. Tintaglia hopes to restore her species.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Dragon Keeper – The Rain Wild Chronicles Book 1 by Rachel MomWifeRT

I knew I have already listened to this!

This is not the first book I would read if I were just starting to listen to Robin Hobb’s books. Seems you maybe able to start here if you’d like, but I think I like it more because of the other Robin Hobb series of books that I have already listened to.
I was so confused as I was listening to this. I knew that I have heard this book before, but the release date was 2020, and I listened years ago. After some online research seems audible has released this again with a new narrator. I can’t find the old one in my library. I feel kind of ripped off as now I have to buy two new books if I want to listen to them again 🙁

Review 2: Dragon Keeper – The Rain Wild Chronicles Book 1 by Bruce

Great Dragon Tale; boring “Harlequin” romance

Books one and two weave two storylines. Storyline A is a relatively slow-moving and introspective tale of dragons and their keepers – all finding their identity. Storyline B is about men hiding their true love identity. “A” could appeal to younger readers who love dragons. “B” will confound where to shelve the books. I do wish the two stories could be separated so that one could choose which story to read.

Review 3: Dragon Keeper – The Rain Wild Chronicles Book 1 by Matt & Carla

Good start and continuation from Liveship Traders

It sorta continues the story from the earlier Liveship Traders trilogy, but with new characters. Some old characters make cameos. But you definitely at least need to read that trilogy first, if not all the other previous Robin Hobb books.

I like the characterization. Some characters are more good and some more bad, but they are all three dimensional with their own motivations that make sense. There are a few different point-of-view characters, but their stories converged soon enough, which I appreciated.

The ending was very abrupt and caught me off guard. It wasn’t really much of an ending. Just something to be continued in the next book. But it was a good start, and I’m interested to see where it goes.

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