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Duel Nature is the fourth fiction book in The Demon Accords series by author John Conroe.
Chris and Tanya are assigned as Coven Rovers, traveling the country and troubleshooting the supernatural community. The job consists of part cop and part auditor, a job that involves a long period of boredom mixed with small action sequences. The abrupt quest to test a rogue vampire leads to a clash with a hostile master vampire, an assault team, monsters rooted in Native American folklore, dark teams, and worst of all, vampire politics. Chris must control his dark side, because the alternative is death.

This is a slightly modified and unusual book. It begins with Chris and Tatiyanna as Rogue hunters. Instead, we go from hunting a rogue, camp and find a witch, and will check on grandpa with the main mantle involvement, and end with a meeting of Elder Counsel .

  • Duel Nature

  • The Demon Accords, Book 4
  • By: John Conroe

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