Emma (Full Audiobook) An Audible Original Drama By Jane Austen, Anna Lea

Jane Austen’s master piece novel surely makes its place to the book shelf of your mind in a single glance. The main character portrays the inner nature of a woman and her change in behavior in different circumstances.

There are several narrators in the novel and all including Emma Thompson, Isabella Inchbald, Joseph Millson and Joanne Froggatt show a nice coherence all the way to the end. The rise and fall in the emotions bring drastic changes in the novel, especially in the climax scene. 

Emma a young girl of twenty at the start thinks that she is a perfect match maker as she first makes a match in her own house. There are several strange characters for instance people like Frank who go abroad just for a haircut.

Though the match makings are never perfect but Emma assumes that she possesses the ability to make magical couples. As she grows in confidence her follies also increase and she starts to make blunders that impact the life of other people as well. Jane Austen criticizes the decision making ability of the women who become over confident and this is not the only novel that we observe such an idea. 

Jane Austen almost talks about the same theme in Pride and Prejudice the only difference is that in that novel the girls were thinking about their own perfect matches. Here the romantic misadventures are more than one and the lesson is never learned even after disasters. Emma assumes certain things about herself as she is of the view that she arranged the marriage of her governess but the reality is she only introduced her to the widower.

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