Exile – Legend of Drizzt Book 2

Exile is the second science fiction novel in the Legend of Drizzt series by author R. A. Salvatore. This is a gripping novel by author R. A. Salvatore about Drizzt exiled from his deadly homeland, fighting for a new home in a boundless labyrinth. He always watched for signs of pursuit, as dark elves were not a forgiving race. Those who dwell on the surface will know of no hostility, the labyrinths and tunnels of the Underdark challenging those who enter it.

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01- This is the second book in the series, the book with the exile of Drizzt, he chose to live in exile due to differences with his family as well as with society at large. Time without any social interaction deeply affected Drizz’s psyche. His thought process, principles, and decision making are discussed in more detail that the book focuses on Drizzt rather than his environment.

The book introduces the new race and their culture, creating more contrast to the dead society. Drizzt’s interaction with this race provides good action and entertainment. The friendship Drizzt explores in this book provides the good depth it is tested with as the dark elves hunt down Drizzt to appease their god.

The narration is the same as the first book. It’s not the best, but it’s well done and adds to the experience.

02- Drizzt is living alone in the dark and going insane while his mother plans to sacrifice him to the spider queen.

The book continues to develop the character of Drizzt and adds a few new characters in the form of a gnome and a horror that’s not all he could possibly know.

I would ideally be able to do with more of a throwback to the dark goblin city as rival houses conspire to take advantage of the chaos caused by Drizzt’s departure but that’s a minor breakdown.

03- This is a character story about outcast Drizzt trying to find a place in his world rather than epic fantasy literature about epic battles. The content is about Drizzt’s decisions and his battle against the nature of the society he was born into. These take place in the Underdark where magic and swords rule, Drizzt begins his personal journey but tries to find loyal companions, interesting and dangerous characters at every turn. . There are many unique creatures and settings in Underdark and the author paints a diverse picture of these experiences in what is generally an unforgivably harsh environment.

04- This is the second part dealing with Drizzt Do-Urden’s escape from Menzoberranzan and from all the evil aspects of society against Drizzt’s inner self.

Drizzt’s sudden and unexpected departure from Menzoberranzan causes the Do-Urden family to resent the Spider Queen, a god also known as Lolth. This becomes a central part of the story as Drizzt’s mother, Matron Malice, does everything in her power to bring her son back.

During his wanderings, Drizzt encounters unique creatures that roam the Underdark, and we see Drizzt grow to become a more powerful warrior and hunter. We also see how Drizzt struggles to maintain his “kindness” and his need for companionship – crucial to keeping him from turning into an evil creature of darkness.

I like this book as the first one because you see Drizzt’s character grow, you meet the more amazing creatures of Underdark, and you also see the value of trust and friendship, and the power to overcome evil. if you have the courage to resist.

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