Extreme Measures Full Audiobook A Thriller Mitch Rapp Book 11 By Vince Flynn

Vince Flynn is back again with another addition to the successful Mitch Rapp series with another classy mystery thriller. This is 11th chapter of the Mitch Rapp series and the book is a classic thriller. George Guidall is the narrator of this novel with all his great voice and ability to connect with the audience.

Both Mitch Rapp and Mike Nash, his acolyte have finally met their best match ever. The CIA has intercepted a couple of terrorist cells, but the 3rd one is dreaded to be on the loose. It was led by the petrifying terrorist mastermind, who is deeply obsessed to become the next Al-Qaeda leader. This group is determined to descend in United States with all evil intentions.

Mitch Rapp anticipated the high risk involved in the situation and just wanted the best men on this mission. Nah became his obvious choice, who has already served in the government for 16 long years in the Marine Corps and then as a top tier counterterrorism agent as well. Both have fought many wars against jihadists in highly secretive mission and without the accolades o any act of acknowledgement Both all their professional lives have to lie about everything to everyone who were dear and near to them. But, both were still happy with the fact that their efforts have saved lives of thousands of lives.

But, political winds in US soon changed and certain leaders were determined to put Mitch Rapp and Nash back on a short leash.

If you are a fan of Vince Flynn and his writing in producing the best mystery thrillers then you must have been looking for of his work. If that is the case then you will have a good time listening to the audio books of his other sensational mystery thrillers by the names of: American Assassin and Kill Shot.

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