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Eye of the Needle is a literary fiction book by author Ken Follett.
His codename is “The Needle.” He is a German aristocrat with extraordinary intelligence;
a master spy with a legacy of violence in his blood, and the subject of one of history’s most intense manhunts.

His fate lies again in the hands of a young and vulnerable British woman, whose loyalty, if shaken, will ensure his freedom – and victory in the war against Germany. Nazism.

It was World War 2 and a German agent working in England succeeded in uncovering one of the
The secret he will find. Now he needs to escape and meet his rescue U Boat off the coast of Scotland. Cruel and determined nothing and no one can stand in his way. But they don’t know what he looks like, where he lives or how he reports his information. All they know is a call sign. Is it possible to find a needle in a haystack, will detective and counter-espionage work be enough? Nice story, nicely built tension that starts to dislike the guy who extremely finds himself willing to be with good boys.

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