Fatal Error – Ali Reynolds Book 6

Fatal Error is the sixth novel in Series: Ali Reynolds by author J. A. Jance. Ali Reynolds begins the summer with the tough challenge of surviving a six-week school cry at the Arizona Police Academy. The man posing as Brenda’s fiancé was Richard Lowensdale, he was brutally murdered. Brenda is a suspect in this case. Ali agrees to help Brenda find the real killer.

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Review 1: Fatal Error – Ali Reynolds Book 6 audiobook by Ida

Just OK

I had been looking forward to reading more about Ali. The subplot was interesting, but mostly standard formula for thrillers. This story did not have the “punch” of the previous stories. I missed the family connections, her son, her parents and being in the diner, and her relationship with an old boyfriend. No true connection between the characters. Lack of romance or a hint of it. Also, the loss of her website or blog hurt the storyline. I kept waiting for the story to get better. Stay with the familar components of the character’s past and relationships. I wonder if I missed an installment of the storyline.

Review 2: Fatal Error – Ali Reynolds Book 6 audiobook by Barbara Vickers

Fatal error in purchasing this Audiobook.

I’ve listened to two hours and quit. This belongs in the bodice-ripping “Women’s Fantasy Romance”
category, not Mysteries and Thrillers.

Review 3: Fatal Error – Ali Reynolds Book 6 audiobook by Jean

Fatal Error

Karen Ziemba does a good job reading this series. She has done all the books so far so she has become Ali to me. I was hoping this book would build on the last book. This story does have her in the police academy and graduating but then no job. I wished she did continue to work at the sheriff office. I hope this was just a side story and will get back to her as a local police officer. The only connection that was continued in this book was Ali helping out her parents at the cafe and the waiting for her grand child to be born. Jance did her usual fast pace writing and excellent command of the English language.

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