Fear the Survivors (Full Audiobook) The Fear Saga Book 2 By Stephen Moss

The chances of survival and existence started to look grim since the day when the number of stars in the sky increased. The humans came to know that those stars were the fire and smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes of the gigantic ships that were soon approaching the Earth. All humans could do in Fear the Sky was to watch and wait until their death approaches their doorstep. 

The human tried to tackle with the satellites of the enemy but of no avail and now the enemy is upon the planet and the humans of a lot more to face in the form of disease and hunger. Chances are grim, luckily the two aliens who have left their race have a plan out of all this and they can provide the much needed technology to the humans. Humans have a chance to fight back in this war for which they were never ready as they never expected such a huge invasion. 

It was all about aliens by Stephen Moss in the first chapter and here the author ignites a spark among the humans to balance the odds. R.C. Bray too adds energy in the human scenes and they look more positive and enthusiastic in their speeches. Not all the humans are in that shape but the teams is appearing on the scene and a competitive finish can be observed in Fear the Future  the grand finale of this mind blowing series. Not a lot of characters and it is very clear that which characters are the favorite of the writer and of course they would be the ending the big fight.    



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