Finch Merlin and the Forgotten Kingdom

Finch Merlin and the Forgotten Kingdom is the 14th book in the Harley Merlin Series by author Bella Forrest. Finch expects a welcome party as they spin into Atlantis. A descendant of Primus Anglicus, Erebus cannot leave before he gets what he wants. Caught in the middle of a political battle, Finch can only weather the waves.

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Harley Merlin 14
Finch Merlin and the Forgotten Kingdom
Written by Bella Forrest narrated by Amanda ronconi
Chapter one
I stared at the Dome bubble that protected Atlantis
Watching me unsettling glow of deep sea creatures
While Atlantean guards marched us towards some unknown destination
Maybe they’ll eject us into the ocean and let the angler fish eat us
Other guards that surrounded my trusted gargoyles
With asprey’s at the ready they whipped out blue glass containers shaped more like elegant vases than the Mason
Jars adored by hipsters worldwide
But the effect would probably be the same
Murray’s tongue slapped around everywhere his fangs blending as he lunged at anyone who approached
I hope you get in a bite or two before they stuff you in that jar buddy
This is bad isn’t it
Melody whispered as she walked beside me
I snorted
I’d say the Fanfare is coming any minute
We might even get a parade
Seeing her fighting face I soften the sarcasm
Yeah this isn’t great
The chaos here is intense I’ve never felt anything like it
Melody Jitter
Lifting our hands to try to loosen the grip of the atomic cuff class around her neck
All of our necks
I guess I’ll look around our miserable group and lingered a moment longer on Ryan
She looked unnervingly cam
Even with the Cuffs the guards had planned on her neck just in case
Luxe must have had the reins
And if she wasn’t stressed out about this
That begs the question
At least to some degree Ryan had the protection number hijacker
But that didn’t give me much comfort since I wanted to protect her from the very thing that was protecting her
Hunter spotted her cuff
Trying to get it off as if it were one of those cones of Shame
But she had about as much chance of removing it as the rest of us
He stopped an ashes side continuing the Paw
While Luke remain does near to Melody as he could
Everyone in their pears
Only Ryan Lux walked alone
A little ahead of me
String closer to Erebus than to me
A definite sign of who was in charge of that body
It makes sense that they’d hide this place
Crazy powerful fishing Folk
I wanted to put melodies
But it didn’t seem to help
We are not
Fishy pho
Princess Kaya’s voice drifted back sharp and disdainful
Do you see fins or tails
Or gills for that matter
I Shrugged
Who knows what you’ve got under those robes
I would urge you not to be insulting
Considering your life is in our hands
She warned
Who says that’s an insult
I’d love a set of Guild
And it seems dangerous to live under all this water if you don’t have some kind of backup
You know in case this place comes tumbling down
I mustered A Smile as she turned over shoulder to glare at me
It withered beneath her obvious lack of humor
French not the time
Luke’s lamp to me with a warning look too
I hope that was not a threat
Kaya’s gave footed toward Erebus for a moment
A gesture that piqued my curiosity
I shook my head so hard he almost attached a few tendons
Not at all
He’ll until about 5 seconds ago I had no clue why we were even coming here
You should not have come
Kaya fix your Gaze on me
But I got the feeling her words weren’t directed at me
Strange tension bristle between her and Erebus
With him showing her his best puppy dog eyes
I would have guessed Erebus had puppy dog eyes
But there they were all wide and full of longing
These two had history
That much was obvious
I didn’t know how far back it went
I didn’t know that this old dog wanted to marry Kaya
This old already married dog
Whose actual life was using Ryan the body as a front-row seat to his philandering
I didn’t know how Cosmic unions works but marriage with marriage
And locks and Erebus and always referred to one another as husband and wife
We’re children of chaos allowed to be bigamist
I have no clue
But walks definitely didn’t want to share
You should show respect to our honored host most radiant princess Kaya
Davin piped up
Giving every ounce of smoothie had
No offense but I don’t really feel like we’re being hosted
Hostage yes
If that’s even a word stood
I shot him a dark look
He also made a play for princess Kaya
But knowing Daven it likely had something to do with gaining power
That and thumbing his nose at Erebus
Their brotherly Frenemy relationship Disturbed me on many levels
Perhaps you should stay silent if you cannot say anything that does not sound like an insult
Kaya hit me with another exemplary scowl
She really had that down pat
You are not hostages
We do not take hostages
We take prisoners
I am only a prisoner to your love Kaya
Erebus perd
I wanted to hurl
Cheesy Erebus was a new headache I couldn’t handle right now
Then be silent
Kaya shopback
Evidently unimpressed by his pickup line roulette
Devin piped up at his love rival
There was a phrase I never thought I’d say at least in regard to those two
Davin and Erebus
Enemies in the pursuit of Kaya’s hand in marriage
They could join forces again at any moment but at least for now it seemed they were content to stay in their own Lanes in
Their race to the finish line and Kaya’s heart
That goes for you also
Whoever you are
Cayenne took no prisoners when it came to sassy clap back
And frankly I’m not interested in either of your proposals
What are you waiting for Lux
I’d have thought discovering her husband wanted to marry someone else would have been enough to displease her
But as of yet there been no hurling Erebus into the center of the Earth
Maybe she didn’t want to reveal herself while Kyle was around
So she can have the satisfaction of punishing Erebus and private
I knew what went on in that child of chaos is Noggin
You should be careful
Melody chided Me Softly
I know you’re only saying funny things because you’re nervous
Who wouldn’t be marching toward an Atlantean prison


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