Fly Away | Girls of Firefly Lane Book 2

Fly Away is the second book in the Girls of Firefly Lane series by beloved author Kristin Hannah. This is an emotional novel about heartbreak about love, motherhood, and new beginnings. The meaning of the book is that where there is love, there is forgiveness, where there is life, there is hope.

We invite you to listen to this fascinating story. Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Fly Away Audiobook by Danielle

Love! You’ll want to listen Firefly Lane again!

The story picks up four years from where Firefly Lane ended, with more depth and insight into the characters and the reasons they are who they’ve become. Tully (and even Kate) are still present but it also branches into those who were minor players in the last novel, so it keeps the listener engaged.

For a sequel, it has the strength of its own story line, similar to Jennifer Weiners “Certain Girls” was to “Good in Bed”.
This book is worth a credit, one of Kristin Hannah’s best!

Review 2: Fly Away Audiobook by Stacie Allen

Forever moved by this book

There are times in this book I can’t stop crying…then rejoicing, and fighting for every character. It genuinely depicts who people really are, the tender, raw, exposed and broken humans we have no other option to be.
But it also shows the hope we are gifted with when we are afforded the opportunity to reflect. And while I’m not sure how much reference there actually is to Christ, I see in this story the grace God gives to all Christians that we are forever held and protected and loved despite what tragedies we are facing. Thank you for writing Firefly Lane and Fly Away. These two books are the best I’ve read all year.

Review 3: Fly Away Audiobook by Mimi Marten

It was my first book from Kristin Hannah. I didn’t know it was a sequel, it was a great independent read as well. I read all the poor reviews, they seemed to have one thing in common, wanting to have a ‘happy’ read only. Because I don’t have any previous experience from this author, I can tell you that it’s honest, raw, but most of all real. It deals with real life tragedies as cancer, death and the tragic aftermath.

I don’t think it’s depressing. It’s REAL. Depression, addiction and hard life lessons are part of a journey for these characters. I think Kristin Hannah walks you through painful losses, lessons and you get to see the character’s growth and perseverance in the end. Don’t get discourage, it’s a great read.

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