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A New World is a science fiction novel authored by Henry Fisher. The premise of the book is that Earth’s atmosphere is becoming uninhabitable because of a nuclear war. Thus, humans must look for other avenues out in space. You can also check out other works of the author, such as A Sense of Danger. Also, give After the Gig a listen.

Helen Laser is the narrator of this book. She has done a satisfactory job in her performance. Her voice adds levels to the enjoyment of the novel.

Piper is a microbiology intern working alongside the great Dr. Landry. She lives a peaceful life with her grandmother until the Korean Empire launches an attack on the US, sparking a nuclear-war that leads to the destruction of the earth’s atmosphere.

Out of nowhere, an eccentric billionaire launches a plan as a last-ditch effort to save humanity. He sends a large group of humans to a planet so that they can colonize it. They select a planet within a nearby solar system that appears to be in a Goldilocks Zone. Also for this mission are chosen Piper and Dr. Landry, somewhat by chance.

When the space-travelers finally arrive at their destination after four long years, they discover it teeming with wildlife. There are also discovered plenty of looming threats. Thus, the team gets on to work to prepare for the worst.

This is a really interesting scientific novel which explains to us the notion of a planet with dinosaurs. It depicts life along with dinosaurs as if they had never gone extinct in the first place. There is also an element of microbiology in the book since the author is involved in the biopharmaceutical industry.

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