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Backseat Saints is a novel by author Joshilyn Jackson. The story revolves around Rose Mae Lolley a fierce girl and harsh life. She has a life with a floral dress and bow shoes. She leads an abusive life in love with her marriage. How did she get out of her marriage and her traumatic life? Follow along with this fascinating story.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Backseat Saints audiobook by J. E. JONES

Loved this audio!

Joshilyn Jackson is such a wonderful writer that it almost doesn’t even matter what she is writing about. Her prose is so arresting that she could bring any subject to life. Her voice reading the story is the perfect voice for Rose May too. she has that Southern sweet girl/bad girl voice down pat.

I highly recommend this audio. I’ve purchased and listened to all her other books and loved them all but I think she’s really topped herself with this one.

Looking forward to the next book!

Review 2: Backseat Saints audiobook by Janice

Jackson needs to stay in the south.

Any additional comments?

Perhaps because of the very dark subject matter, this was not quite as enjoyable as previous Jackson books. In the first half there was the familiar edgy southern sass that I so love from this author, but as Rose Mae hits the road and reaches California, the charm is quickly diminished. Jackson’s narration suffers as she tries to voice Rose Mae’s mother’s affected non-southern accent. The mother’s character is less well developed, and is not very sympathetic, which is problematic considering the pivotal role she plays in Rose Mae’s own development. The violence she has experienced makes this somewhat understandable, but difficult to warm up to. Still, the story is compelling and has a ring of authenticity regarding the family violence. Just not as strong a recommendation as her other books in my opinion.

Review 3: Backseat Saints audiobook by Tanya

Best Fiction EVER!

This book is absolutely amazing! It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time & had me sympathizing with the main character (due to the excellent in-depth character development) throughout the audiobook. Ms. Jackson’s naration is beyond superb; she isn’t just a fabulous writer, she’s a marvelous voice over artist! This is one of my favorite three books/audiobooks of-all time. I simply can’t recommend it enough! Get it for yourself AND gift it to all your friends!

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