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Night Music is a novel by famous author Jojo Moyes. The story revolves around the Spanish house with Georgian, Gothic and Moorish design. It is a story related to Isabel, the house is the property he left to his children. What secrets are hidden behind the house, invite you to watch the next development of this beautiful story.

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Review 1: Night Music audiobook by karen

Extremely valuable book!

It was thanks to this book that I got all the windows in the house washed — inside and out — the garage floor swept and both the linen closet and the sewing room reorganized. I couldn’t stop listening — I had to find some way to justify taking the time to keep listening.

This was my first exposure to Jojo Moyes — never heard of her before, never come across any of her books before this one, when I rolled the dice on yet another really great Daily Deal. “Night Music” won’t be the last — except that I expect I’ll listen to this one a few more times before I’m finished with it.

It’s funny, I see other reviewers saying that this isn’t Moyes best book, which just blows my mind. Can’t quite see how any of them could be better than this, but… hey, I’m willing to try.

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something about a battle over a house that attracts me. Another of my favorite books (not the film) is Andre Dubus III’s “House of Sand and Fog” which also involves a house everyone wants, and the emotional pull such an embattled dwelling can bring about. “Night Music” is very different from that book — maybe even better — but I felt the same compulsion to keep listening until it all got worked out. Of course “Night Music” is really about the people — the fragile, wounded, too-trusting professional violinist who inherits it, the corrupt builder who pretends to help restore it, but has evil plans of his own, the children caught in the middle of it, the guy who’s camping out, unknown, in the boiler room… and the rabbits. Can’t forget the rabbits.

What can I say? Don’t miss this one. Your own house will be a whole lot cleaner by the time you finish!

Review 2: Night Music audiobook by Kelly

Jojo Moyes is my favorite.

Any additional comments?

Jojo Moyes is my favorite author now. I read one of her books and loved it so I tried another. most of the time I am disappointed in the next book I read by the same author, this time I was pleasantly surprised. So I dared to do it a third time and then a fourth. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them and give them 4 stars each, something I rarely do.

Review 3: Night Music audiobook by Debbie

Hauntingly Beautiful Story of Human, Flawed People

I really liked this story of a widow with two children who inherited a huge Spanish house in the country. Isabella, the young widow, whose deep passion for her violin and music, perhaps is too high a priority, has to learn a totally new way of life. But what I appreciated and most loved about the story was the honesty in which it was written. People DO have to go through hardships and work through grief in order to value what is most important in their lives. This isn’t a cheap or tawdry tale, although there are some in the small town who make some unfortunate and selfish choices. There are MORE that make better choices and are loyal and end up doing right by their neighbors. The novel is hauntingly beautiful and meets my criteria of having an ending worth the wait.

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