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Pretending to Dance is a novel by famous author Diane Chamberlain. The story revolves around the family of Miss Molly Arnette. She and her husband live in San Diego, and she hopes to adopt a child soon. Molly worries that her childhood secrets will surface and destroy, it will ruin her happy life, she will not be adopted. We invite you to watch this wonderful story unfold.

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Review 1: Pretending to Dance A Novel audiobook by lawyeraau

I have enjoyed many of this author’s books, and this one is no exception. The author is a born storyteller. Here, she tells the story of Molly, an affluent young woman, who grew up on a mountain compound populated only by her well-to-do extended family in North Carolina. Her childhood was idyllic, despite her father’s health issues stemming from multiple sclerosis. When she was a young teenager, her father died, an event that traumatized her, causing her to break ties with her once close family.

Married, but unable to have children, she and her husband are looking to adopt, but this opens the floodgates of her past and the traumatic event that forever changed her life. How she deals with with her past and comes to terms with what she thought had happened so long ago, will impact not only on her present but on her future. The revelations that come make clear that all was not as it seemed in the past. The only question is whether Molly can come to terms with the past and integrate it into her present.

This is a beautifully written story that will captivate the reader. The author weaves a spellbinding saga of love, family, and the coming of age of a young girl in somewhat trying circumstances, and the confluence of events that would derail her happiness for a time and divide a family, only to have it all finally come full circle.

Review 2: Pretending to Dance A Novel audiobook by Agnes Shapiro

I have never read a Chamberlain book that I didnt like – but this one I love. The story was so fascinating even though it jumped back and forth between Molly as a teenager and the present time all grown up and married.

Molly is so close to her father and her mom and her mom – see this is an unusual situation where her father had a baby (her) with another woman who gave her up to her present mom – Nora – but dad is her biological dad….they all lived near each other. One big happy family – but dad has MS and is confined to a wheelchair. We learn about Molly and growing up, family ties, love and hate, but mostly about forgiveness. I can go on and on talking about this book – but it would do no justice to it – YOU MUST READ IT! I will stay in your mind and heart long after you finish it….

Review 3: Pretending to Dance A Novel audiobook by Kindle Customer

As always, Ms. Chamberlain has crafted a beautiful story of love, acceptance, and family. The characters, especially as the story progresses, are artfully developed and the reader understands them and, usually, what motivates them. My biggest concern is the number of years that are allowed to pass before Molly allows herself to understand, forgive. For me, Molly had plenty of time years earlier, after college, to have lived enough of life to seek out and confront those she felt betrayed her. Too many of her relatives were never given the chance to explain or discuss, what had occurred. Molly missed a lot by shutting out her past, years lost that would have devastated her father.

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