Free Full Audiobook – The Beautiful Mystery By Louise Penny

The Beautiful Mystery is chapter eight of Chief Inspector Gamache/ Three Pines. This one is a suspenseful mystery thriller. The author of this book is Louise Penny.  She has done marvelous work in the genre by offering some stunning and engaging mystery novels. If you are interested in more work from the author then the most recommended novel written by Louise Penny is The Madness of Crowds. It will be a good idea to also check out her A Rule Against Murder novel.

The novel is narrated by Ralph Cosham. He is a proficient narrator and second to none when it comes to giving characters their due voice. His performance in this novel was incomparable.

No outsiders are allowed in the Saint Gilbert Entre Les Loups monastery. It was hidden somewhere deep in the wilderness of one of the most beautiful provinces of Canada, which is Quebec. It was a place where a couple of dozens of monks lives peacefully and offer their prayers.

They used to grow vegetables as well and they also tend chicken along with making some delicious chocolates. They used to sing ironically for a specific community who as promised to stay in silence. Their glorious voices became world-famous who were raised in ancient chants. Those had significant impact both on the listener and the singer and it was as much as it was known as ‘The Beautiful Mystery’.

This mystery thriller comes with emotional characters, exciting historical context and a very good story. Some of the characters even the minor ones were vivid and made a good impact. The twists in this story were interesting and that made this book hard to put down.

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