(Free Full Audiobook) The Lost Symbol – Robert Langdon Book 3 By Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol is a mystery thriller. It is a story with a modern detective that you would definitely enjoy, especially if mystery thriller is your go-to genre. Dan Brown has written this highly enticing novel. He has tried his pen on several other novels, which also managed to do well for the author. If you are looking for more novels from the author then Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code are by far the best works by the author.

The Lost Symbol sounds really good and engaging in its audio version. This is all thanks to the awesome performance by the narrator, Paul Michael. His expression and tonal quality is just what a mystery thriller kind of a novel requires. The novel is part 3 of the Robert Langdon novel series and this specific chapter was highly anticipated after the good success of its prior chapters.

The novel details a deadly race in the labyrinth of codes in the real world and the unseen truths. This all is planned to happen right beneath the sharp eye of a very terrifying villain.

Robert Langdon is a Harvard symbologist who is called on for delivering a lecture in the Capitol of U.S. Just after a few minutes of his arrival, that night takes a very bizarre turn. A weird object with encoded with 5 different ancient symbols gets discovered right within the Capitol Building. The object is actually some ancient invitation, which is all about calling on the recipient in a forbidden world of concealed abstruse wisdom. Soon, Peter Solomon, the mentor of Langdon gets kidnapped and the story takes a very sharp turn.

The scenario of this novel is set right with the unknown temples and tunnels of washing D.C. The story of this novel beautifully runs through a startling landscape that eventually gets to an unimaginable finale.


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