Free Full Audiobook – The New Birth By David K. Bernard | Series: Pentecostal Theology Book 2

The New Birth is the second book of Pentecostal Theology. It is a Christianity, religion, and spirituality book written by David K. Bernard. Also, check out another similar book The Oneness of God. You should also check out Practical Holiness.

The narration has been performed by Abraham LaVoi. It is a solid performance as the voice-actor gets the message of the author across to the listener.

This book encourages all to receive the salvation provided to Jesus Christ through God. It has been presented in an understandable yet scholarly way. The teachings discussed here match the actual teachings of the Gospel. Modern denominations have rejected those teachings of the New Testament Bible. They have instead gone along to follow the creed of the church leaders around the Third Century.

They continue to deny the truth to this day. They do this even though satellite imagery in the Middle East has made way to discoveries that prove the Modern Bible teachings which have been abandoned. This is with certainty that the doctrines have been abandoned, such as the practice of water baptism by the Apostles. There is also the infilling of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

However, these modern denominations of Christianity are still following the writers of the third and fourth centuries. They have included the doctrine of Trinity, different methods of water Baptism, and receiving Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

This book will help anyone in understanding the teachings of the Holy Bible. It is a thorough exposition of the doctrine of salvation, containing the essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The teachings in the book match the actual Bible teachings which were followed by the Apostles and the Early Church.

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