Free Online Audiobook – Dark Harmony | The Bargainer Series Book 3 by Laura Thalassa

Dark Harmony is a suspenseful mystery thriller. It is the third chapter in The Bargainer Series. The book and the subject series is written by Laura Thalassa. She is a brilliant author who has written novels mostly around fantasy romance and sometimes mystery thrillers. One of her most prominent novels to date is Rhapsodic. You will also be thoroughly impressed with another title of Laura which is A Strange Hymn.

The narration of this audiobook is handled by Susannah Jones and Ben Markson. Both of them are excellent narrators and they managed to provide the audience with a wonderful performance.

The fae magic for Calypso Lillis is believed to be one part of good fortune and the other part curse. It is now running through the veins of Callypso. The thing that connects Callypso to Desmond also makes her quite helpless to the Thief of Souls.

But, it is not only the Thief whose shadow is known to loom over the Otherworld. The father of Desmond is also back now from the dead and he is looking for immediate revenge on the son who deployed him in the first place to the grave.

Both Desmond and Callypso should find out that how they could stop both the men. Time is also running out fast and they need to do it sooner rather than later.

This book has a lot of fluff and it is quite a week on its plot as well. As per the critics of this series and the book, this series should have ended after chapter two. This third chapter was quite tough to get through. However, the first two books of this series are stunning.


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