(Free Online Audiobook) Die Trying – Jack Reacher Book 2 By Lee Child

Die Trying is a fantastic novel written by Lee Child in his awe-inspiring writing style. The book is a genre fiction novel and it is chapter 2 of the popular Jack Reacher novel series. It is very easy to experiment with any of the novels written by Lee Child as all of them are quite inspiring and the audience finds them so tempting to listen on a loop. Nothing to Lose and Blue Moon are two of his most special works of fictional writings which will make a great literary experience for the audience.

Jonathan McClain did the narration of this novel. Jonathan generally is quite a good narrator but for this edition of Jack Reacher, his voice was too smooth and gentle. However, it is no way a blocker or a setback if you are considering having this audiobook added to your listening list.

When a woman gets kidnapped from a street in Chicago in broad daylight then Jack Reacher was found in the wrong place and at the wrong time as well. He is also kidnapped with the woman. They were both chained together and were taken across America leading to some unknown destination. They both were at the mercy of their abductors who were demanding for an almost impossible ransom. The female companion of Reacher there was a lot more than Reacher could have imagined. He has to save her as well or he should die trying.

The book overall is quite enjoyable and there will be no such complaints in these zones for sure. However, the narration was a bit compromised as there is a lot of room for improvement there.

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