Free Online Audiobook – Finale | A Caraval Novel Book 3 by Stephanie Garber

Finale is the third chapter of Caraval novel series. It is a teen fiction novel. The book is written by Stephanie Garber. She is a fine author of young adult fictional novels. A good example of her work is Once Upon a Broken Heart novel. After this novel, you will also like her Echo novel as well.

The narration of this chapter is done by Rebecca Soler who has been the voice in several other novels of the author has well. Her performance is good and the audience were able to enjoy it with that being an easy listen as well.

It has been more than a couple of months since the Fates got freed from the cards’ deck. It was also two months since Legend had went on to claim the throne of his own ad two months since Tells found the bout with whom she fell in love and he doesn’t exist in real.

Tella should decide if she will be able to trust the Legend after having empires, hearts and lives hanging in balance. After discovering a secret that actually upended her life, Scarlett his time had to do the impossible. Legend in this situation has got to make a choice which would go on to change him forever and define him in a way as well.

Finale was given as the best book of the year on Amazon in 2019. It provides excellent source of entertainment and you will find yourself hooked with the plot of this novel. The characters seem to be interesting as well and you will have a very enjoyable time with this novel. This is probably the best novel of the subject series.

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