Free Online Audiobook – Force of Nature A Novel By Jane Harper

Force of Nature is the second book in the Aaron Falk series by acclaimed author Jane Harper. The content of the book is about 5 women walking on a long road, only four return. What happened to the other woman in the forest? We invite you to follow the fascinating story, potential suspects with complicated motives.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Force of Nature A Novel audiobook by Sara

Excellent New Series Continues

I stumbled upon Harper’s first book, The Dry, a police procedural mystery set in rural Australia and was hooked. As a matter of fact I practically listened non stop. I thought the characters were well developed and that the story was consistent and believable. Harper really captured the feeling of the location and the extreme drought. Shanahan’s narration was perfect in the way he captured the nuances and the flashback time shifts. Had I written a review I would have given The Dry all five stars–I liked it that much.

The next day I snapped up book two, Force of Nature and jumped right in. I’ll admit that I struggled with this second book in the series. There was something different with the writing this time around. Where The Dry had hard hitting descriptions and abrupt time shifts between past and present events, book two seemed almost vague. The storytelling felt hesitant in a strange way. At times, I had trouble keeping the five women coworker characters straight. For me, they were often just a sea of faceless names. Several times I resorted to rewinding and re-listening just to be sure that I hadn’t missed something.

Shanahan’s narration started out a bit flat and lacked some of the dynamics from book one. I don’t know if this was just a case of the narrator mirroring the writing style or something else. But as the book progressed the writing improved and as the writing improved the narration also got better. Phew–I’m glad it worked out because I enjoy Shanahan’s reading style.

In the end Harper pulled it together and I liked the book. Honestly, I didn’t like it anywhere near as much as I liked The Dry, but the series has a balance I really look forward to. It has a level of kindness or maybe really a feeling of heart that I’d like to think exists in life but is often missing in this genre.

Recommended if you like police procedural/mysteries set in Australia with lots of local atmosphere. I definitely will be keeping an eye out for book three.

Review 2: Force of Nature A Novel audiobook by green ice cream garden

Thankful this is a series!

The Dry was one of my favorite books of 2017. I didn’t realize it was to become a series, but I couldn’t be happier. Force of Nature is a great follow up. It does take a few chapters to get used to going from past to present. The story unfolds quickly and with a perfect amount of character development. The one slight disappointment, that is also why I liked it, is the mystery solves itself. It’s not heavy on police procedures. It was different and I liked it even thought I was expecting something different.

Review 3: Force of Nature A Novel audiobook by D. R. Green

Another well done mystery down under!

After The Dry I knew I wanted to read anything written by Jane Harper. Force of Nature is
focused on a group of women who are lost while on a hike/trip. It has many twists and turns and the guilty party was a surprise to me. Great story and well narrated by Stephen Shanahan. I enjoyed his accent! I recommend this mystery!

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