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Hollywood Divorces is the best-selling novel Hollywood Wives by world-renowned author Jackie Collins. Take the listener into the bedroom of the glamorous Hollywood superstar world. The story is about divorce – Hollywood style has never been more attractive.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Hollywood Divorces audiobook by Marie Mctigue

As far as the book, it was excellent. However, not sure why, I purchased maybe 3 to 4 books in the last month or so. Every single solitary one of them started splitting along the binding. By the time I finish this particular book, it was in six pieces! It’s a mystery, as I know they could not possibly have been all manufactured at the same factory. The quality is awful. A fair price

Review 2: Hollywood Divorces audiobook by Patty the Book Lover

I gave it two stars because I did at least finish it though I completely stopped following one of the characters and skimmed through the other two. It’s about three distinct Hollywood women (a serious actor, a sexpot actor, and a very young writer/producer) and their men. It starts out really, really good (grabs your attention) but midway becomes a mindless read that eventually loses its “umph.” The climaxes for each character are little more than a footnote on the pages. Too much emphases on the ho-hum stuff, not enough attention to the “shockers” which kind of brings it to an abrupt ending. If you haven’t already, try “Hollywood Wives” and “Hollywood Husbands” – those books are 5-star!

Review 3: Hollywood Divorces audiobook by Mercedes J.

I totally expected this book to be a gossipy, sex-filled trashy kinda of book when I started reading it…and that’s exactly what I got. There was absolutley NO substance to this book what-so-ever. The three lead women are shallow, annoying, and whiney.

First you have Miss ‘Diva’ Lola Sanchez who’s all about extracting revenge on Linc Blackwood for a one-night stand that happened years ago and she can’t seem to get over. Shelby, (who’s wish-washyness got real old after a while) trying to deal with her husbands infidelities. And Cat, who once she started hanging around with Nick Logan REALLY got on my nerves…(You’re so crazy!…No, you are…No, you’re the craziest…aaaghh!)

The only part in this book that was even mildly entertaining was wondering what would happen between Matt Seel (Lola’s husband) and Tony Alveraz (Lola’s lover and ex-boyfriend). Trust me, save your time and read something (anything) a little more stimulating, because this book just isn’t it.

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