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Look for Me is the ninth book in the Detective D.D.Warren series by best-selling author Lisa Gardner. In a family of 4 people were brutally murdered, a 16-year-old girl went missing. Is this girl lucky to escape or is she the evidence for this case. Detective D. D. Warren investigates this case, she is looking for this girl to investigate the truth whether the suspect or the victim..

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Review 1: Look for Me audiobook by shelley

Current Issues Intricately Crafted Great Addition

It’s another complicated DD Warren case. This is a crime that at first glance gives the appearance of events that point the police in one direction. After further investigation the initial theory becomes questionable.
A 16 year old girl (Roxy) is on the run after her entire family is murdered. At first the police begin looking for her believing the girl might have done it. After further investigation they find the girl was really a caretaker for her younger sister and brother. But what could possibly be the motive to kill this family? The foster home the kids were in and out of? The gang Roxy’s sister joined? Add to this Flora Dane (from the previous book). She’s conducting her own investigation. She has set up a survivor’s group that Roxy had just become involved with. Although spectral opposites Flora becomes DD’s confidential informant.
This book addresses many issues of past and present. Those of abuse in foster care homes. Not only by foster parents but by other foster children as well. It also addresses gangs, violence, inappropriate student/teacher relationships and PTSD. DD is also facing issues of being a working mom and the guilt of having to leave her husband and child when work calls.
Add in a young dog who likes to chew provides moments of levity throughout the story.
As always Kristen Potter does an outstanding job narrating.
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Review 2: Look for Me audiobook by Wayne

Great dark psychological thriller!

Author Lisa Gardner took a year away from her D.D. Warren series in 2017 to release Right Behind You which was Book 7 in her outstanding FBI Profiler/Pierce Quincy series. Right Behind You was her first new novel in the FBI Profiler series in 9 years. This new D.D. Warren series novel titled Look for Me was worth the two year wait.

Like Find Her, Gardner’s 2016 release, Look for Me has Detective Warren sharing the protagonist role with Flora Dane. Indeed, this novel could well be considered Book 2 of the Flora Dane series because her role is greater than D.D. Warren’s.

Lisa Gardner never disappoints! Look for Me may be her best novel to date. It is a great suspense thriller. It is an easy 5 star novel. Like all of Gardner’s D.D. Warren and Tessa Leoni series novels it is set in the Boston area (I’d love to see her release a new novel in her Tessa Leoni series next).

Most of Look for me is written in the first person of either Flora Dane or D.D. Warren. While narrator Kirston Potter does her usual stellar job of narration, this audio book would have benefited from having a second narrator do the narration of the first person voice of Flora Dane. I’ve rated the narration 3 stars not because of any issue with Kirston Potter’s narration except that she uses exactly the same voice for the two protagonists.

Review 3: Look for Me audiobook by Dawn

Excellent installment

I look forward to every book/audiobook that Lisa Gardner writes. She crafts original stories with plenty of twists and turns. Her stories are always original and compelling. This installment was no different. I took a star away from the narration Kirsten Potter gave a wonderful performance, two narrators would have made it easier to follow. I highly recommend this book/audiobook.

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