(Free Online Audiobook) Midnight Sun By Stephenie Meyer

Midnight Sun is written by Stephenie Meyer who is the bestselling author. She made a grand return to her Twilight world with this epic and one of the most anticipated novels. The book is an iconic love story of Edward and Bella that comes through a fetching vampire’s point of view. Stephenie Meyer is brilliant in her several other novels. Twilight and New Moon novels of her stand out from the rest.

The narration of this novel is easily one of the best that you would come across. Thanks to the brilliant performance of Jake Abel in that capacity who didn’t just read it, but performed it brilliantly. His female voices weren’t annoying at all and you would love it as a package.

The novel carries on from the birth of a new and fascinating love story as soon as Bella and Edward Cullen met in Twilight. So far, audiences have just experienced the story depicting Bella, but here, the Edward’s version could also be experienced. His tale takes a completely new and horrifying dark twist. Bella for him was the most intriguing and frightening event he had ever come across as a vampire. Getting further deep with the novel would make you realize why all this is the most crucial struggle of his life.

Stephenie Meyer in the Midnight Sun takes all her listeners back to a world that has fascinated millions with its charm. The novel promises a lot with profound pleasures that also comes along with some devastating penalties of the immortal love. The New York Times with its review of the novel very rightly called it as “A literary phenomenon.”

(Free Online Audiobook) Midnight Sun By Stephenie Meyer

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