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Necessary Lies is a novel by author Diane Chamberlain. The story revolves around a 15-year-old girl named Ivy Hart after losing her parents, she lives with her grandmother, sister and nephew. They live on a small tobacco farm. As she struggles with her grandmother’s aging, her sister’s mental illness and her own epilepsy, she understands all they need is more. A social worker Jane Forreste takes up a job in Grace County, she attracts and is impressed with Hart, she helps Hart’s situation.

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Review 1: Necessary Lies audiobook by Nana

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Listen anyway

First Diane may very well be my new favorite author. After reading the Silent Sister I needed another good read. Diane does a great job of getting you right into the story and keeping the pace engaging and vivid. This was a hard listen due to the subject matter and as there seemed to be no positive outcomes or ending I was nervous to spend 10 hours angry, sad and frustrated due to the injustices. After listening to the final chapter and hearing the truth about the practice of sterilization lasting until 1976 and the misuse of power to cover up crimes, prejudices, racism, and ignorance I strongly believe everyone needs to know this portion of our history.

As I continue to her political, religious, economic and racial debates about what injustices do or don’t …. Have or haven’t existed and people telling other people to just get over it or it wasn’t that bad or minimized and rationalizing a history they don’t believe or understand, the more I believe it should be mandated reading: stories such as this, Selma or The UnBroken. Especially this story that I am sure many people are completely unaware of, and 1976 was only 49 years ago. Just because the majority of us are not evil does not mean that evil doesn’t exist in the work nor does it mean that there are not still institutionalized evils still in place. Sorry for the tangent but the power of Diane’s writing planted the outrage. She’s an excellent writer. Thank you for shining a light on a little known atrocity right here at home in the great US of A.

Review 2: Necessary Lies audiobook by B.J.

Unexpectedly good.

I think I expected a not-so-deep listen about the south a half-century ago. I wasn’t exactly expecting new ground would be covered, but some of my favorite reviewers gave it a 5-star so I gave it a shot.

This is a case where characters you’ve come to love can demonstrate an issue much more effectively than if you describe an idea from on high. It seems like any time you can see the impact on a human, it all makes more sense. (I think back to movies like “Schindler’s List” and “Sophie’s choice” that did this brilliantly.) I’m sure it’s why certain news stories take a different turn when you see the human suffering on a personal level.

Though I knew about the program that comes to light in this book, I’d never thought about it in these terms. I never imagined how it felt to a trained professional with a conscience — and to be powerless in the face of something you know to be so wrong.

Review 3: Necessary Lies audiobook by Paula

Excellent! Excellent! Can’t Say It Enough!

This book is one of the best I had listened to in recent months. From the very first words, it will pull you into a story where poverty and culture clash in the 1950’s. It is the story of a naive young social worker who simply cares too much about her poor, uneducated clients. It is the story of a southern culture where white upper class society creates rules and practices that prey on the poor — both black and white. It is the story of a country where. . even after Hitler’s attempt to use eugenics to create the master race; sterilization was used and abused in South Carolina by biased, empowered social workers. You will love the characters in the story — and your eyes will get misty as the ending unfolds. This is a book about our history as a nation and if you are over age 55, you will relate fully to the circumstances it describes.

Great writing — but among the best things about this book was the narration. Alison Elliott should be narrating many, many more books. She was perfect!

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