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Stiletto is the second book in The Checky Files series by author Daniel O’Malley. Myfanwy Thomas teams up with murderous rivals and prevents epic, supernatural wars filled with surprises. After years of bloodshed and hatred, a bitter deal between Myfanwy Thomas and his rival.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Stiletto A Novel audiobook by Donna

Best new series

I almost didn’t buy this after reading all the whiny review, but I loved the first book so much I took a chance. Hello! It’s amazing! Those reviews that complained about the “history” interspersed with the action….did you not read the first book with the letters from Rook Thomas interspersed with action? It works! The “history” is all fantastical sequences that are just as riveting as the present. The subtle and unexpected humor, the clever and the absurd, and the complex and fascinating characters on both sides of the political spectrum are rich and rewarding, and I pray for the good health and continued inspiration of Mr O’Malley! Keep them coming, please! And keep Moira Quirk – she is beyond talented and her accents are superb and easy to distinguish.

Review 2: Stiletto A Novel audiobook by Thomas Allen

More complex than The Rook

Instead of telling the story from the point of view of one character, Daniel O’Malley treats us to the points of view of two. Neither of them, by the way, is Myfanwy Thomas. The characters start out kind of feeling like cardboard cutouts, but they really develop greatly throughout the story into people I really wanted to keep up with. Many of our old favorite characters appear throughout the book, some more than others. Overall, I found the book to be very rewarding.

Moira Quirk of obviously a very good narrator. But I found myself missing the old characters as related by Susan Duerden, especially Myfanwy. Ms. Quirk’s representation of Myfanwy was much more pedestrian, as if she were a secondary character who didn’t need much fleshing out. She also changed voices and accents for just about every other established character. I found myself regretting this throughout the book.

But overall, a great story and well worth the credit.

Review 3: Stiletto A Novel audiobook by Howard

The sequel to The Rook was worth the long wait.

This LONG awaited sequel to The Rook is a fun, intriguing and rich story with strong female characters. Stiletto picks up a short while after the end of The Rook with the bureaucratic nightmare of attempting to merge persons with supernatural abilities, the Checquy, and those who manufacture super humans, the Grafters. The merger is especially difficult because the Grafters invaded England territory centuries earlier and were believed to have been exterminated. The Checquy hate the Grafters for attacking England and their institutional memory has made them into boogeymen. The Graters hate the Checquy for executing them centuries earlier. To further complicate the issue, a splinter group of Grafters are committed to stopping the merger and exposing the secret Checquy and their bizarre abilities. There is some repetitiveness to Stiletto to provide backstory to those who have not read The Rook. Perhaps I would not have found it repetitive had I not just re-read The Rook days before Stiletto arrived. Nonetheless, Stiletto is an enjoyable read with a sense of humor and honor that is missing from many of today’s novels.

Looking forward to the next Checquy story, The Rook television series, or anything else O’Malley chooses to write.

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