(Free Online Audiobook) The 5 Second Rule By Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule is a book that every parent and all other adults should read. It is a book about parenting and personal development that holds a great lesson for everyone. It might just change your perception about certain life practices, which is the real beauty of this book.

 Mel Ribbons herself narrated this book. It turned out to be a fascinating performance. The author has several other top-quality books on similar lines where Take Control of Your Life and Kick-Ass with Mel Ribbons sits at the top of the heap.

Everybody in their lives as parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, and even friends who push them to attain a better position in your life. What if the secret to developing courage and confidence to propel in your life is just about knowing how to push yourself?

The 5-second rule tells that it takes just that much time to become confident, break the self-doubt and procrastination habit, beat fear, feel happier, and stop worrying and share all your ideas with courage.

The book is simply about how to ideally enrich your life and destroy all the doubts in just five seconds. The rule given in this book to lead a successful life is quite simple. It is one size that fits all for the problem we face. The only major problem that denies us from this is that we just hold ourselves back. The much-needed push is required to get things back in order and this book superbly tells all this.

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