Free Online Audiobook – The Charm School By Nelson DeMille

The Charm School is a thriller novel by famous author Nelson DeMille. The content of this book is about a strange, sinister thing going on in the Russian forest of Borodino. Young KGB agents are being taught by American POWs how to become model citizens of the United States. The Soviet target infiltrated the United States undetected. We invite you to watch the next development of this great book.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Charm School audiobook by Char

Incredibly Good

I have read at least 200 books in the last couple of years and mostly murder mysteries. This book falls into that category but also a great history lesson with Russia in years past and possibly present. It is fiction, but truly possible. Maybe the Charm School itself is not truly realistic but it doesn’t matter. This was a book that made me want to call in sick from work and just get into it until the end. It is not a happy book and not totally a happy ending but it is a glimpse of a piece of our history with Russia that certainly could have happened and in other ways, probably did. I consider this book one of two that I have read that I consider the best I’ve ever listened to. The other book of this caliber is “Black Cross” by Greg Iles. Do not miss this one either. I love murder mysteries with cops and robbers and all of that but these are truly special and not to be missed. I will definitely read this book and Black Cross again in the future. They are both astounding in my estimation.

Review 2: The Charm School audiobook by B.J.

Creepy. And terrific.

This is a bit like “The Truman Show” mixed in with espionage and the KGB. The premise is plausible and that’s what makes it SO terrifying. Of course there are some unbelievable events – that’s fiction for you – but listening to this now reminded me of the fear we all had of the Russians back when I was a kid.

I never really knew how this would go and that’s what I like about DeMille as an author. His books are just as good today as they are when they were new. This is a good, long listen.

Review 3: The Charm School audiobook by Xavier

Love to predict plot? Forget it! What a thriller!!

This book does not insult the intelligence. It feeds thrills upon thrills of unexpected plot twist and turns. I lost so many hours of sleep because I could not turn off my bedside compact audio book player tuned for 30 min and then sleep. I kept resetting it for another 30 min….and then another 30 minutes…and then…heck, I was so stimulated I could not sleep and had to take a sleep aid if I wanted 6.5 hours sleep before work. Nelson Demille has created a true fan in me. Just get this book. It is one of the best I have read in 60 years, to include 4.5 years as a USMC officer. Love spy craft? This is a fine read.

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