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Nelson DeMille is the most legendary author on the New York Times. The novel The Cuban Affair is about U.S. veteran “Mac” MacCormick, now a chartered ship captain, who tells of his most dangerous voyage to sea. We invite you to follow the next development of this great book.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Cuban Affair audiobook by Olive

Slow Motion

DeMille is the master of dialogue, but he overdoes it in this work. Too much chatting and not enough doing. He treads treacherously close to Dan Brown Guide Book territory in telling us about every square inch of Cuba. All that is interesting for someone who might plan a trip there, but for the rest of us, get on with the story that we want from the guy who has written some seriously excellent books. DeMille eventually gets to the end with bullets flying, but I had to speed up the narration to 1.25 to get there.

Review 2: The Cuban Affair audiobook by Lloyd


This is the sixth DeMille book I have listened to or read. I loved all of them until this. Most of his books had me hooked quickly but this one did not. This book seemed slow to me. My mind kept wandering as I listened to it so I continually had to replay sections and force myself to pay attention. The end of the book finally had some excitement. This is also the first DeMille book where I just did not find the main characters likable enough to pull for them. I highly recommend Nelson DeMille books. Just not this one.

Review 3: The Cuban Affair audiobook by Virgil

Fun read with a continuous build, ok finish

This book is an enjoyable listen and classic DeMille style. The intensity steadily builds throughout the book until the really enjoyable penultimate scene. Unfortunately, the ending is typical for a DeMille book that uses geopolitics and real world implications as a plot point, in that it is not very satisfying. There are plenty of twists, unearthing of selfish plots, and good character development through the chapters.
I enjoyed this book, but it felt like a weaker version of Up Country. You can feel Nelson DeMille didn’t have as strong a connection to Mac as he did Paul Brenner. I still recommend The Cuban Affair, but try Up Country and definitely the John Corey series if you haven’t already.

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