(Free Online Audiobook) The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is a personal development book inspired by ancient spirituality. It talks a great deal about relationships and how to sort a few crucial familial matters. The book is written by Don Miguel Ruiz who seems to have good grip on the subject matter. It is a group that takes inspiration from ancient teachings for achieving the spiritual enlightenment. 

Peter Coyote did the audio narration of this novel and with all his experience. He managed to impress the listeners with his immaculate voice and tonal quality.

In this book, the author masterfully reveals the very source of the self-limiting type of beliefs. In this paragraph, These are the beliefs that actually rob us from all the excitement eventually creates the needless suffering. Firstly, The Four Agreements is based on the ancient Toltec wisdom which offers a highly resourceful code of conduct. It is something that has got the potential to completely transform our entire lives that leads to a very fresh experience of freedom. Secondly, On top of that, love and true happiness is also something that becomes part of the newly transformed lives of the people.

Don Miguel Ruiz has guided his audience towards the right way forward leading to freedom. He has been doing this for two long decades. Moreover, The book makes a slow start and the prospective listeners are advised not to be too judgmental at the beginning. It is just that it sounds a bit too new age with all the spirituality that it talks about. However, the author later on makes things so special that you will binge-listen this amazing book till the end.

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