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The Gold Coast is the first book in the John Sutter series by acclaimed author Nelson DeMille. The content of this book is about the legendary Gold Coast, stretching across the North Shore of Long Island, where power and fortune are concentrated. Here comes an explosion of friction: John Sutter, the Wall Street attorney, holding a waning aristocratic legacy, and Frank Bellarosa, the Mafia don usurper of the Gold Coast. We invite you to watch the next development of this great book.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Gold Coast audiobook by Chip Atkinson

Smart, funny, sexy and just great! DeMille’s Best!

In the forward, DeMille names this his best and favorite work. I heartily agree. He also predicts it will still be relevant long after his death. I don’t think there is any question.

John Sutter, a Gold Coast native, tax attorney, clever and cynical socialite and foremost a devoted family man is the hero and narrator of the tale. No one is better suited to describe the culture of living in the country’s wealthiest neighborhood. His wife, Susan Stanhope Sutter, is from one of the wealthiest Gold Coast families. Her father’s manipulation of her through his wealth play an important role in the tale. DeMille said she’s in large part the ultimate male fantasy. Just listen to the story and you’ll find out why that is true, if not understated.

But what attracted me to the story some 20 years ago and what has led to several subsequent readings, (and now listening!), is the premise of a mafia don moving into such a community. DeMille uses the obvious contrasts of two old American cultures, both with their own sets of etiquette, manners and unwritten rules to produce what I believe is one of best, (certainly the most fun), 20th century novels.

Christian Rummell far exceeds the great Scott Brick as the voice of John Sutter. That should be enough to impress any DeMille fan.

Review 2: The Gold Coast audiobook by Jack C

Unexpectedly Great!

I have owned ‘The Gold Coast’ in paperback for years, but never got around to reading it. Then I saw the sequel – ‘The Gate House’ – in the book store and decided to read ‘The Gold Coast’ in audio form, so I downloaded it.

I have read all of DeMille’s novels except for two, so decided to complete the cycle. I have enjoyed his other works, and have even read some of them twice or more.

This novel rises so far above his more recent works as to have been written by a different author. Not only is it a great read from the standpoint of excitement and suspense, but it’s a grand love story, and future generations will recognize it not only as popular fiction, but also as great literature.

My wife doesn’t read audio books, but I have insisted that she read my paperback version so we can each share the experiences together. The characters are so well developed, especially the narrator John Sutter and his wife Susan, that it’s quite difficult not realizing they are fictional.

Just a little caution. There are some erotic scenes, so younger readers should defer reading until they are able to understand the context in which they are written rather than being tittilated by their explicitness.

In summary, this book had such a profound effect on me that I just had to download ‘The Gate House’ and began reading immediately!

I maintain a library of almost 2,000 novels, and I only get rid of those I don’t intend to read again. This one will stay in my library until my dying day, and I will encourage my adult children to read it!

Review 3: The Gold Coast audiobook by Andrew Stone

Smart Ass meets Wise Guy

Excellent Book! A fast-paced romance / thriller.

You will laugh, you will cry.

Having read all of Nelson Deville’s books on Audible, this newly added book (to Audible) was a no-brainer purchase.

This book was originally published in about 1991 (as far as I can tell). Separate from the book is an introduction by the author, he believes that that this book will weather the test of time better than any of his other works. No doubt this will be true.

The genre of the book is a TRAGITY (i.e. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”).

Be prepared that the book is very different than his other books (i.e. The Lion’s Game), But just as good!

Don’t buy this book if you expect a clean happy ending where the hero defeats the bad guy and everyone goes home happy.

I also highly recommend the recently published sequel to this book “The Gate House”. Lucky for you that you don’t have to wait 20 years wondering about the main characters and their heartacke.


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