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The Partner is a good novel by famous author John Grisham. The content of this book is about Danilo Silva, he is suspected of stealing a huge fortune. Danilo Silva lives alone, a quiet life in a small town in Brazil. He lost a lot of weight and escaped from there. Why would someone transfer that wealth to his account? We invite you to follow this fascinating story.

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Review 1: The Partner A Novel audiobook by N. Ekim

A minor peeve…

Would you consider the audio edition of The Partner to be better than the print version?

Read the print version some years ago and really enjoyed it. I really enjoy audio, and normally, good narration enhances my appreciation of a really good book. In this case I think I prefer the printed page.

What did you like best about this story?

Grisham is a master, perhaps the master, of legal/suspense genre. I find all of his works enthralling and I appreciate that he avoids the turn-off (for me) of graphic sex and bad language.

What did you like about the performance? What did you dislike?

Frank Muller is an excellent narrator except for one thing. He obviously has never spent much time below the Mason-Dixon Line. He manages to grossly mispronounce almost all of the prominent place names on and near the Mississippi Gulf coast. I cringed every time one his southern characters said Biloxi as if it rhymed with “foxy.” (It’s “Bu-Luxi”). Mobile is pronounced with the accent on the last syllable, not the first. I can understand missing on Pass Christian, (accent on last syllable) but hasn’t there been enough coverage of hurricanes over the years that everyone should know how to pronounce Lake Pontchartrain?
This is not just a matter of a chip on my southern shoulder. Think Pierre, South Dakota or Cairo, Illinois. I just think a little research by Audible producers and narrators would enhance what is already an excellent experience.
Ok, I feel better now.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?


Any additional comments?

No, my rant is over.

Review 2: The Partner A Novel audiobook by Reg

Movie material

This is a incredible story, I thought I had it figured out. The end was a big surprise but certainly poetic justice. Someone complained about the narrator, so I was looking to critique, but frankly I enjoyed him very much.
Great book.

Review 3: The Partner A Novel audiobook by Linda

A gripping story

Hold on to your hat because this is riveting.
The narration is wonderful; Mr. Muller is the best at holding one’s attention. He’s been accused of being too ‘breathy’ and perhaps there’s some truth to that in earlier readings but that’s not the case here. He makes me feel that he’s as spellbound as I.


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