(Free Online Audiobook) The Room Where It Happened – A White House Memoir By John Bolton

The Room Where It Happened is a biography. It is based on the White House affairs during the ongoing tenure of President Trump. The memoir is very beautifully written by John Bolton. The author excels in writing non fiction books, especially memoirs and biographies. War for Eternity and Complications are his best books to date.

The narration of this audiobook is given by Robert Petkoff who is a renowned performer with many successful books to his credit. He did full justice with his professional and straight tone that was required for such a biography. The epilogue of this book is narrated by the author John Bolton himself.

John Bolton, the author is the national security advisor of President Trump. He spent a lot of his 453 days in the room where a lot of significant things happened. All the facts shared here speak really for themselves. This resulted in a White House memoir which is one of the most substantial and comprehensive accounts of the administration of Trump. 

John Bolton managed to come up with a precise rendering of all his time spent in the White House and staying very close to the president in the Oval Office. Bolton tells something that actually astonished him. President Trump wants to be reelected and that is all that matters to him. Even if it comes at the cost of weakening the American nation.

The book is interesting and requires your due consideration. It might change your views about a few things that you believe are related to the politics of the USA. The reason behind that is the author has beautifully backed all his claims with facts that help you in believing things with more confidence. 

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