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The Sea Glass Sisters is a book in the Carolina Chronicles series by author Lisa Wingate. The story revolves around Elizabeth Gallagher who has a difficult situation in her job as a 911 operator that collides with a conflict at home. She finally realized her family was broken. One was on her way to four states, she was trapped in the car with her mother. Those events help her realize that sisterhood and family can change lives and futures in the most unpredictable ways.

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Review 1: The Sea Glass Sisters audiobook by Booknut

Loved this story!

This is a prequel to The Prayer Box but is easily a stand alone.
Elizabeth Gallagher has had a rough year and her Mom and Aunt, who lives in the Outer Banks Of North Carolina, are locked in a battle over selling land. Elizabeth is a 911 dispatcher who is second guessing her response to a call and her kids are growing up faster than she’d like! Her marriage is not all that she hoped. All of this culminates into a trip to visit her Aunt just as a hurricane develops. Family wins as closeness and understanding grow and life finds a balance.

The book is in first person, which is not always my favorite but the narrator, Sybil Johnson, does an amazing job making it work. The emotion and intonation is spot on. The characters are well done and I can feel Elizabeth’s angst as she navigates this part of her life.

The book is a quick one just a few hours, but well worth the listen!

Review 2: The Sea Glass Sisters audiobook by Amazonian Minnesotean

I find it so hard to believe this was written by the same author of “Before We Were Yours.” I got this book based on the ratings and the fact I loved the aforementioned book. This was like sitting by the dullest, most self-important person at a dinner party. You tolerate the company but you keep hoping the discussion will shift or the party is over soon. That’s the good news – it was a fast read.

Review 3: The Sea Glass Sisters audiobook by Brenda R

Elizabeth Gallagher is a 911 operator. On one shift she takes a call that rattles to the very core being. She is also a wife, mother and very deep into family matters. When her family really start butting heads, the need to deal with these family matters come to a head. Before things can come boil over, Elizabeth and her mother take a journey to Hatteras Island. This is where Elizabeth’s Aunt Sandy lives with her husband George and owns a beachfront shop. This is clearly no vacation.

In The Sea Glass Sisters, Lisa Wingate deals with the issues of reconciliation and hope. We follow the struggles and the victories of the characters.

This book is a prequel to “The Prayer Box”. I started this series by reading the 2nd and then 3rd books of this series. That being said, it made this book seem more like a “six-degrees” of separation book as the only link to the other books is Sandy, the seashell shop owner and her sister Sharon with a slight mention of Iola Ann Poole. However this book is also a very heartwarming story. I would suggest reading the series in the order it is written to get the full enjoyment of the saga.

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