Free Online Audiobook – The Stone Sky | The Broken Earth Book 3 By N. K. Jemisin

The Stone Sky is the third book in The Broken Earth series by famous author N. K. Jemisin. The moon has returned, whether this foreshadows the destruction of humanity or something worse will depend on the two women. Essun has inherited the power of Alabaster Tenring, she hopes to find her daughter Nassun. How will her mother’s ownership of the Obelisk Gate affect their world?

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Stone Sky audiobook by Jesslyn H

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This was so good, I’ll probably re-read the entire series again by the end of this year. This was truly a 5-course meal of a trilogy. Jemisin never hesitated staring an ugly truth right in the eye and it really paid off. Nothing came easy and there wasn’t a hint of a Mary Sue moment.

It was refreshing to be offered a series where the main character was over 40, had kids and had already lived a full range of experiences. This is the second series that I’ve read by Jemisin and as much as I loved the 1st one (The Inheritance Trilogy), this was even better. I hope it doesn’t sound pompous, but you can see more maturity in both the writing and the story-line.

The audio-book narrator, Robin Miles, is headed to the top of my narrator list. She can add everything from an African to a Gaelic? to a Slavic accent without sounding fake. It really brings the characters to life in a nice way.

I’m sure I’ll still be re-reading this series decades from now. It’s easy to see why Jemisin won the Hugo back to back on this one.

Review 2: The Stone Sky audiobook by Nickolai P.

Powerful and satisfying conclusion

Excellent narrator really captures the emotional undercurrent of each scene. Like the previous two books, major plot points can be seen approaching from some distance off but the upside to this is that the plot is resolved in a very satisfying and neat conclusion. The whole narrative just comes off as very cohesive and focused.

Personally I find some of the premises underpinning the main themes to be questionable but it does not prove difficult to suspend my disbelief and imagine that thy might hold true in a world that is fundamentally different from our own.

A very enjoyable experience overall bolstered by good pacing and a narrative focus on critical characters and events. Some of the tension was significantly undercut by the predictability of certain events but the writing style, choice of point of view, and the performance of the narrator combine to consistently and powerfully capture the complex emotional forces ravaging the critical characters.

Review 3: The Stone Sky audiobook by Audra Lorton

Dragged Out

N. K. Jeminsin has a great way of unfolding a story and creating twists and turns. However, you have to endure so many mundane details and chapters to get to what people are doing and why. Additionally, I listened to this book on 2.45x speed just to get through the mundane details and the long, slow, awkward pauses of the narrator.

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