Free Online Audiobook – The Summer I Met Jack A Novel By Michelle Gable

The Summer I Met Jack is a novel by author Michelle Gable. The content of the book revolves around a beautiful and young Polish refugee who comes to work as a domestic worker for a wealthy family. Alicia falls in love with Jack, the son of a famous politician family. They want to get married but their domineering father Jack prevents their love.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: The Summer I Met Jack A Novel audiobook by Sugarloafer

Camelot It is Not

Would like to know the truth about the rumored “love child” in this family drama but it seems as if this book is a fairy tale. The author goes to great lengths to create a sympathetic main character while demonizing almost everyone with whom she interacts. Would not recommend it.

Review 2: The Summer I Met Jack A Novel audiobook by carilynp

Could Michelle Gable’s novel THE SUMMER I MET JACK be the best book for a Kennedy worshipping booklover? You bet. This book has it all. Intrigue, romance, and scandal. A woman who is running from her past and trying to create a new future, stumbles upon America’s most celebrated family and their favorite son when she arrives in Hyannis Port. The handsome young man is smitten with this beautiful woman whose history is yet not known to him and when it is, well, his family won’t have any part of it.

We’re talking the Kennedys, of course. Before young Jack is ready to stake his claim on the presidency. Part fact, part fiction. Supposedly, young JFK had an affair with the striking Alicia Corning Clark, formerly known as Barbara Kopszynska, among several other names, who came to the U.S. via Oklahoma, a displaced person, during the war, and temporarily served as a maid at the Kennedy compound.

The love is strong between the two and Gable writes a compelling saga for the two showcasing the terribly bad side of the Kennedy clan. Greed and power reign supreme. I knew nothing of the true story of Ms. Corning Clark, so this work of fiction made me fall down the rabbit hole of Google, as Gable so hoped her readers would do upon finishing her book. And what a book it is.

Review 3: The Summer I Met Jack A Novel audiobook by Jenni P

So much, and so little, is known about President John F. Kennedy. This spicy novel seeks to unravel the behind the scenes lives of not only JFK but the characters who crossed his and the patriarchal family’s lives. Alicia loved Jack. Jack loved Alicia up to the point that his family would allow him. Her decline was his soaring point, if we are to believe all that is included in the novel. Well-written, fast-paced and fascinating, this is a great summer read!

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