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The Testament is a novel by famous author John Grisham. The content revolves around Mr. Troy Phelan is a self-made billionaire, one of the richest people in the United States. He is an eccentric, sitting in a wheelchair and looking for death. What will be the fate of his heirs, invite you to watch the next development of this good book.

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Review 1: The Testament A Novel audiobook by Bee Keeper

A Late & Glowing Review

I truly enjoy the reviews posted here, even the few who are honest in their dislike for a work that captivates me! Like so many others, I have listened to The Testament several times, and always come away with a new kernel of insight. However, I admit that at my age I can safely hide my own Easter Eggs. For me, the thing that makes this novel unique and so engaging is the weaving together of the law . . . always blind, cold and unyielding . . . and things of a spiritual nature, things which ring true to our need for fulfillment and redemption.

Billionaire Troy Phelan is a pitiful man trapped by his money and his neglect of family. He chooses a way out that to him is the only honorable path left in a tragic, self imposed wilderness. Enter the lawyers, lots of lawyers to make everything ok for the heirs of Mr. Phelan. One litigator stands out from the rest of the pack. Nate O’Riley is the poster child for courtroom flame out . . . twice divorced, IRS barking at his heels and a quadruple veteran of substance abuse rehab. Yet it is just that boatload of human frailties that immediately connects the listener to O’Riley . . . a connection that will last until book’s end and beyond!

Rachel Lane is a missionary-physician tending Indians somewhere in Brazil’s Pantanal. She is also the illegitimate daughter of Phelan, and the glue that holds this multi-faceted storyline together. I was totally drawn in by the fascinating accounts of life in the Pantanal, brought into such sharp focus by the author’s personal visits to the region. I feel inadequate in my attempt to interest potential listeners in this outstanding book. However, if you take all these reviews as a whole, you should feel good about the purchase. Finally there is an epic narration by the late Frank Muller, who raises the bar to near unreachable levels with his skills. I am so appreciative of Grisham’s The Testament, for it has touched me in profound ways. Just a novel? Hardly – you’ll see!

Review 2: The Testament A Novel audiobook by Richard

Best Grisham Ever

While listening on my way to work one day I actually turned around and decided to take the day off so I could hear the rest of this audiobook.

I’ve always enjoyed Grisham’s stuff but have felt some predictability in his late 90s books. Always enjoyable but kind of like he was rehashing his earlier works a bit. Other than this one, The Partner was the only other late 90s piece of his that comes close to being this good.

The Testament is totally different than anything Grisham has written. It’s doesn’t have even one scene where the main character is threatened at gunpoint to give up his case.

While it is about a lawyer and some interesting legal twists, the story could be about someone from any walk of life. It?s about a good man who has fallen from grace and is struggling desperately to find his way back. It’s about faith and how finding faith can give you the strength to do the right things and if you do the right things, the right things just might happen to you.

The characters are wonderful and the story grabs you from the first line. The ending is a little bit of a surprise, which is handled very believably.

The narrator is simply the best I’ve heard.

As corny as this sounds, if you only listen to one audio book ? this is the one you should choose.

Review 3: The Testament A Novel audiobook by Rod

Couldn’t put it down

My two children and I listened to the audio during an eight hour trip to my parents. Stopping for fuel was difficult as we had to stop the tape. After arriving at our destination, grandma’s house, I found myself slipping into the car to hear just a little bit more of it. Full of suspense and very substanitive.

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