(Free Online Audiobook) The Tuscan Child By Rhys Bowen

The Tuscan Child is a genre fiction novel. It is brilliantly written by Rhys Bowen and earned good reviews and feedbacks. The Tuscan Child was her best-selling novel in the New York Times. There are a few other quality novels from the author that deserves to be mentioned here. A couple of those amazing novels are The Last Mrs. Summers and Evan and Elle.

The narration of this exciting audiobook is jointly given by Jonathan Keeble and Katy Sobey. Both of them did a fantastic job and the listeners enjoyed their performance to the fullest.

The story of this novel is set in 1944 when Hugo Langley, a British bomber pilot parachuted from his tormented plane and landed into the German-occupied territory of Tuscany. He received some serious injuries and managed to find refuge in some ruined monastery and Sofia’s arms. But, the love that was developing between both got shaken by some irreversible betrayal.

After 30 years, Joanna, the estranged daughter of Hugo returned to her home in the English countryside. He was there for the funeral arrangements of her father. She got some of his father’s stuff where an unopened letter was also there, which was addressed to Sofia. There was a startling revelation enclosed within the letter.

Joanna was still dealing with her emotions, while she embarks on her journey to Tuscany. She went there to find more about the history of her father. This journey might make her understand a few things about herself as well.

The story is a bit slow to progress but once it gets in motion then you will enjoy it. Overall, it is a quality novel and something that fictional lovers cannot afford to miss.

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