(Free Online Audiobook) The Valley of Horses – Earth’s Children Book 2 By Jean M. Auel

The Valley of Horses is the 2nd installment in the Earth’s Children’s novel series. It is a book written by Jean M. Auel. Her Earth’s Children’s books are a series that is set in prehistoric Europe. It explores the human activities during that time and also touches base with the interactions of Cro-Magon people from the Netherlands. The other novels written by the author that are worth mentioning here are The Clan of the Cave Bear and The Land of Painted Caves.

Sandra Burr has narrated this novel. After giving a weak performance in the opening novel, things weren’t better here either. There were some issues with nasal tone and high pitch at times, which was a significant distraction for the listeners.

In this novel, the unforgettable heroine, Ayla sets out on her very own journey which was far away from the fostering adoptive family and the friends of the Clan. She is looking for other people of her type and of course to find love as well.

She was sharing a valley with a herd of horses. There she came across a very unique friendship with the animals who are just as vulnerable as herself. She also discovered the very complicated skills that are needed for her survival. Those were the skills that none of the members of the Clan were able to master, ever.

The many followers of this trilogy are the ones who have already read this one in a print version. They loved the audio version even more and immensely enjoyed the writing and the wonderful character of Ayla. The audience just loved her for her strong spirit and her powerful connection with the animals.

Earth’s Children Book 2


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