(Free Online Audiobook) The Whole-Brain Child By Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson

The Whole-Brain Child is a book written by Daniel J. Siegel. He was supported in writing by tine Payne Bryson. The book is based on health and fitness issues and tells some useful information about human psychology and mental health as well. It typically talks in this context about a child’s brain and its development over time. A couple of other similar and useful books from the author are No-Drama Discipline and Brainstorm.

Both the authors jointly gave the narration of this book as well. Their clarity of tone made this audiobook a great experience for the audience.

The author, Daniel J. Siegel is also a neuropsychiatrist apart from being a quality writer too who tries his pen only on his subject matter expertise. Tina Payne Bryson, the other author of the book is a parenting expert who offers an extremely revolutionary approach to help the reader. There are 12 key strategies mentioned in the book. It help foster the desirable development of your child’s brain.

 The strategy would lead your child to have a much calmer and much happier childhood, rather the entire life. The authors’ duo explains the novice science of how the brain of a child is wired.  How it matures with time. The book as a whole is a complete guide with several age-appropriate strategies to deal with the day to day struggles of your child.

The book stood as the best seller in the New York Times. It tells some really smart, simple, effective, and practical solutions to help with the struggles of your child. It is a book for parents and quite a useful one to overcome all their concerns and fears about their child’s psychological issues.

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