(Free Online Audiobook) Too Much and Never Enough By Mary L. Trump PhD

Too Much and Never Enough is a book written by Mary L. Trump PhD. It is a personal memoir from the author and based on politics and activism. The author is a businesswoman, psychologist and also niece of the current US president, Donald Trump. Mary L. Trump PhD herself did the narration of this book and her voice is super suitable with the nature of this book and the audience just adored it.

Mary L. Trump has spent a good part of her childhood in a large and beautiful house of her grandparents. The house was located in Queens and this was the same place where Donald Trump grew up with his four siblings. 

She told in detail about various traumas, abuse, negligence and destructive relationships. The details also include the harmful and weird relationship between Fred Trump and Fred Junior and Donald, his two oldest sons.

Mary being a firsthand witness brings a whole lot of unexpected humor and incisiveness that often confounds the many family events. 

Mary in short has all the insights, education and the intimate familiarity that is needed for revealing Donald Trump. His clan and all the harm that he brought to the family, country and the world.

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