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Word of Honor is a novel by famous author Nelson DeMille. The content of the book revolves around a good man, a brilliant company executive, is the desire of many women. But before that he was an army lieutenant in Vietnam, under his command committed a brutal murder. What they do is not known to the world. We invite you to watch the next development of this great book.

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Review 1: Word of Honor audiobook by Mike

This one’s worth a credit!

With 4 hours of driving a day and 2 accounts I go through a lot of books!
This is great!
Demille does a fantastic job of deconstructing the war through his characters–both here and in other books. He gives us a soul victory if not a military one.
Great Story.
Scott Brick is the absolute best!

Review 2: Word of Honor audiobook by George

What DeMille Does So Well

I didn’t like The Gate House, and it was not read by Scott Brick. I know this is an old title, and I looked for an audio edition from farther back. I’m not sure if this is completely new or a re-release, but it’s a good pairing of Brick and DeMille.

I guess there are a three veins of DeMille fiction. The first is Cathedral and Charm School, Up Country and this book. The characters are strong, the detail is exceptional, and the plots move along quite well for very long books. So this is just a great part of this early period.

The Gate House and The Gold Coast are in a different category. One is great, but the later book was very disappointing.

The final category are the Corey Books. When Brick does Corey, it’s what audiobooks should be. I think Night Fall and The Lion’s Game are outstanding. I genuinely hope the follow-up to Lion’s Game is great. Plum Island is good, but the Corey character is a little soft here and there. Wild Fire lacks the finesse of Lion’s Game, and seems like the weakest Corey book.

In many ways, DeMille defines the thriller category. Many other writers are completely formulaic, macho that is cartoonish, or with endless plot gimmicks. So hopefully the second part of Lion’s Game avoids some of the pitfalls in The Gate House.

Review 3: Word of Honor audiobook by Gail

Excellent as expected.

A very good book spoiled only by the graphic sex scenes, between the main charachter and his wife, which were not at all needed for the plot of the book. The story kept me listening even though the ending was not unexpected.

I would recommend the book.

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