Free Online – Black Order | A Sigma Force Novel Book 3 By James Rollins

Black Order is the third novel in the Sigma Force series by famous author James Rollins. This is science fiction a scientific abbey erupting with savagery and frenzy. Experiments rooted in the dark past have found fertile ground once again. Sigma forces will face the most cunning enemies, difficulties and terrible threats.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Black Order audiobook by Barry

Absorbing and Intense

“Black Order” is a wonderful combination of suspense, history, intrigue, terror, and science. I hate using terms like “on the edge of my seat”, but that pretty well describes the experience for me.

Fortunately, a scientific background is not necessary to appreciate fully it, as it provides just enough of a sprinkling of scientific fact to make the story plausible. Some of the precepts really make you think, and, if you want to learn more, Rollins provides a short bibliography at the end.

I found the plot twists unexpected (although, in truth, I don’t spend much time trying to figure out “what’s going to happen” — I prefer to be surprised). I also found the characters realistic and believable, especially the “bad guys”.

Grover Gardner’s performance was exceptional, helping to bring the many and varied characters to life, making them seem 3-dimensional. The pace was perfect, as he slowed his rhythm during some of the scientific explanations, giving me that little extra time to absorb them. He also nicely sped up some of the action scenes, adding to the suspense and excitement of the story.

I rated it five stars, and I think James Rollins’ story and Grover Gardner’s reading earn every one of them.

Review 2: Black Order audiobook by Kathleen

This Book has Plot!

Coming away disappointed from DeMille’s latest “Wild Fire” I landed here and this book has a plot that works, and is based on historical events. The plot simultaneously takes place in several locations around the world including South Africa and starts off at Everest. The story is what held me, and I actually prefer Grover as a narrator and have no problems with his narration it added to the book for me. I was particularly pleased with the scientific mysteries intertwined including the tug between Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum physics. The mystery of the retreat of the Germans and the lost infant detailed in the first chapter is revealed at the end just when you think you have it all, a suprise ending. I loved it.

Review 3: Black Order audiobook by Don

Another great listen from Rollins

I found James Rollins’ work quite by accident. New to and wanting to try new authors, I downloaded The Judas Strain, and was hooked. I love the way Rollins starts you off with some peice of factual history and then weaves the story around it, very much like Dan Brown did with Angels and Demons and Davinci Code. The way he manages multiple threads through the story is great. If you like Dan Brown and Tom Clancy, you’ll probably like this as well.

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