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Stephen King has a rich career in literary writing, which nobody in the fraternity could deny. You must check his novels Elevation and Skeleton Crew and then you will be able to ascertain the abilities and skills of Stephen King as the best literary writer.

Dreamcatcher is a horror fiction. It has all the ingredients that you want to have in a top quality novel and that are quality story, beautiful lines and really amazing performance. The narration of Dreamcatcher novel is done by Jeffrey DeMunn and he was brilliant with his approach in the performance.

Dreamcatcher is a beautiful, sweeping and dark adventure. It is set in Derry, a completely haunted city. This is also the city where the most popular novels of Stephen King, namely Insomnia and It were based.

Dreamcatcher has the story of 4 young boys, who stand together with each other in order to do a great brave thing, a good thing actually. They put together an act, which changes their lives and their ways, which they were not able to understand at all.

Some 25 years later, they all were grown up men, who find their own different ways in their own lives. However, they do meet once every year for hunting in the forests of Maine. This time, things were a bit different, rather a lot different. They found a stranger stumbling right into their campsite and that brought all 4 men in the most forgettable adventure of their entire lives. They got themselves in a horrific struggle of life and death. Their one and only hop for survival is locked somewhere deep in their shared past and that top secret is in the Dreamcatcher.


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