(Full Audiobook Free) The Forever War By Joe Haldeman

Joe William Haldeman or just Joe Haldeman is an American author with expertise in science fiction genre. He had done some really inspiring work in the domain and has made countless fans for life. Forever Peace and Forever Free are two of his most prominent novels on science fiction genre.

The Forever Peace novel especially stands out among all his work for its absolute brilliance in terms of storytelling and the powerful characters. Joe Haldeman for this Forever Peace novel was given the Nebula Award and as well as Hugo Award under the science fiction category in 1997.

The Forever War is a part of a series with the same title as this book. The novel today is regarded as a classic within the science fiction genre. This special novel was able to foreshadow a number of futuristic themes that were common during the 1990s, including the sensory manipulation, bionics and time distortion etc.

The story revolves around the character of William Mandella, who is a soldier in the elite brigade of Earth. As the war sends him from one galaxy to the other against the Taurans. So he learned to make use of the protective body shells and also the sophisticated weapons. He adapted himself as per the terrains and the cultures of the distant outposts.

George Wilson gave the narration for this audiobook. He was brilliant in conveying the message and ideas of Joe Haldeman, which was about the human drama and the imaginative technology that it has. Listening to him in this novel is an absolute treat for your ears, heart and mind. The novel was chosen as the best science fiction book in a number of countries.


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