Ghostwater – Cradle Book 5

Ghostwater is the fifth science book in the Cradle series by author Will Wight. Monarch Northstrider has created his own world, Ghostwater. The valuable experiment Ghostwater was damaged by the Bleeding Phoenix attack, and a team of Skysworn was sent to serve from the dead worlds. Courageous Indo picks up treasures and takes his skills to the next level to compete with his enemies.

Here are the top 3 reviews and comments that readers love about this fascinating book.

Review 1: Ghostwater – Cradle Book 5 audiobook by David

This book is seriously good.

Call me a sucker for anime like novels and this series hits all the marks. This book in particular is fantastic in that it introduces a very funny and humorous support creature to Lindin. I mean he is too serious as well as his companions…well accept Athon but he isn’t in the picture that much. Let me just say that this is hands down my favorite fantasy novel series so far.

Review 2: Ghostwater – Cradle Book 5 audiobook by Benjamin Guidry

Loving this series

I’m really enjoying this series. The books are amazing, and only made better in audiobook format. The narrator, Travis Baldree, is simply incredible. I can’t imagine a narrator better suited for the series, and I’m so happy that Will Wight found him. I honestly can’t say enough about these guys. As of this writing, it’s about a week until Underlord comes out in print, and the audiobook will likely be released shortly thereafter. I’m super hype to continue this series, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy. My brother, sister, and close friends have all jumped in and enjoy it.

Review 3: Ghostwater – Cradle Book 5 audiobook by Laura

Another great one!

This was definitely the most “feel-good” in the series so far, IMO.. and I LOVED IT. I’ve been waiting for Linden to get some kind of a break (of course, there was action! It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine!). I was smiling often while listening to Travis’s ALWAYS incredible voice work. Love the new characters’ voices. Many thanks to Will & Travis & everyone involved🙏🏽

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