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Girl in the Woods is a beautiful book by author Aspen Matis.
Exciting real-life adventure of Aspen Matis while traveling long distance from Mexico to Canada.

A story of survival and a story of victory overcoming emotional devastation. On the second night of college, Aspen was tapped by another student. Overprotected by his parents, who were discouraged about attacking, Aspen was confused and embarrassed. She stumbles across her first semester – a challenging time made more difficult by the blandness of her college’s “conflict resolution” process. She will seek sanity in the wilds, on the 2,650-mile Crest Pacific Trail from Mexico to Canada.

Aspen has chronicled his show, a five-month journey full of ambition, danger, and transformation. A lonely and lost 19-year-old girl, she conquers wild passes and penguins, bears and pilgrims in the desert. Aspen is forced to face her list, the sex work, and her parents’ frustrated reaction. She found that life out of the box is predicated on self-reliance. She found her strength. After a trillion application, she found a man to help her learn to love and trust again.

  • Girl in the Woods

  • A Memoir

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